"Climbing up the 486 steps can be challenging on a humid and hot summer day, but its totally worth it making it to the top. The panoramic views and the pictures with the dragon pay up every drop of sweat. Take water with you as the gazebo with refreshments is under construction. Also, a spare camera battery would come in handy as you'll take lots of pictures."
TripAdvisor - Alex V
"The hike might be a bit constraining and sweaty but it is worth for the view. I haven't seen such a great view over the land of Vietnam anywhere else. The hike and the scenery are just breathtaking."
TripAdvisor - Adrian S
"Add this to your list of things to do. It's very high up so the views are breathtaking. It's about 500 steps but you can take your time - easy! You will also see lots of mountain goats on your way up. Situated in lovely surrounds. Cafe and toilets in area. Wear bug spray!"
TripAdvisor - Kirsty W
"This is not really a cave. You go to climb the karst/mountain and see the views which are spectacular. The climb itself isn't that difficult, around 350 stairs to the top. However, if it is hot and humid (very likely) then it is hot work and if you're like me, 'an ordinary' Brit, you'll sweat buckets. (The Vietnamese seem to go up and down and look as fresh as daisies ... how do they do it?) The views are definitely worth it though. It cost 100,000 VND per adult to enter this and you pay around 10,000 VND per person to have them look after the bikes."
TripAdvisor - lockettorres
"With a busy day planned, we nearly decided to miss this as it was just so sunny and hot that I wasn't sure I had the energy. However, with plenty of fluid and taking it slowly we made it up to the top up the steep steps. Views were great all the way but not much shade. View from top was awesome and don't forget the last little climb at the end to see where the dragon is. Definitely worth doing and really enjoyed it despite the heat. Would be a lot easier on a cooler day, but then the nice clear skies give you the best views."
TripAdvisor - LewisFamily4

MST 2700347353 do Sở KH và ĐT TP Ninh Bình cấp ngày 19/12/2007 – GĐ/Sở hữu website Ngô Đình Phương
Địa Chỉ: Hang Múa, Thôn Khê Hạ, X. Ninh Xuân, H. Hoa Lư, Ninh Bình

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